10 Quotes From My Certified Mentors

I first came in contact with motivation and self-development in 2009 when I was studying in Vietnam, via a viral video from Eric Thomas, titled « The secret of success ». His speech made me experience a mental leap so profound that, ever since, I have been fascinated by life betterment and self-mastery. I literally spend thousand and thousands of hours on books, youtube videos and blog post about entrepreneurship, self-improvement, achieving success in our health, relationships and wealth.  I therefore came across certain entrepreneurs and self-made individuals that dominate their fields and share their knowledge and wisdom with the world. 

In 2014, after watching the movie « The Secret » featuring great speakers such as Less Brown, Lisa Nichols and jack Canfield, I decided to make a vision board and hang some of my favorite inspirational quotes on my bed room wall. These quotes inspired me so much, to stay focused on what I really wanted  to accomplish at that time.   So following is the list of the quotes and mentors that impacted my life and ultimately lead to me having my PhD in 2015.

  • « Shoot For The Moon, Even If You Miss You’ll Land Among The Stars » by Less Brown

This quotes is self-explanatory. It simply pushes us to not be afraid to dream and think big. It incites us to get out of our comfort zone and stretch ourselves. This principle is very important when setting goals. Nowadays, most people set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, Time-related) goals; But Less Brown teaches us here to set  uplifting goals, beyond our current capabilities so that, even if we failed to achieve those big goals, we’ll sure do better than those who set simple goals and achieve them.

  • « Give God The Broken Peaces Of Your Life And He Will Create Something Beautiful With Them » Joel Osteen

My take on this quote is that, no matter how difficult and broken our lives can be, we have to believe that beautiful and happy days will still come if we give our life to God.  It emphasizes that no matter how down we can be, God can make us quickly rise back up like a phoenix and do the amazing work we were sent here to do.

  • « I Will Not Let Anyone Walk Through My Mind With Their Dirty Feet » Mahatma Ghandi

For me, this comes down to self-love. We need to love ourselves enough to protect our mental health, which is even more important than our physical health. Having someone infect or corrupt our mind, can have dramatic consequences on our lives and on our perception of the world. So we should have a clean and positive mind-set that enables us at any moment to push forward and live the life of our dreams.

  • « When You Want To Succeed As Bad As You Want To Breathe, Then You Will Be Successful» Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas here talks about the amount of obsession we have to have toward success to really make it happen. Our desire has to be so huge that, it is the only thing we constantly think about. In his speech, he talks about how we shouldn’t even be concerned about other stuff that can distract us from our true purpose. We should stay focused and work hard on our dreams.

  • « The Only Way To Do Great Work Is To Love What You Do» Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs simply states that, it takes so much hard work and dedication to be a high performer and produce great work in any field. The only ingredient that can make this process enjoyable is the love of what we do. If not we will get bored and sooner or later we will give up. But the love of what we do, can keep us going when things get tuff.

  • «The Only Limit To Your Impact Is Your Imagination And Commitment» Anthony Robbins

My take on this is that, any great vision, such as «positively impacting the world » has to start in the mind, in the form of creative imagination. With creative imagination, we get an idea, which amount of nothing if it is not follow by commitment in massive and relentless action.

  • «Surround Yourself With Only People Who Are Going To Lift You Higher» Oprah Winfrey

It is a well known fact that, you become the average of the 5 people your hangout with. So if we want to achieve uplifting goals in our lives, we need to be around people who have already mastered that. We should get a mentor (physical or virtual), a coach, an accountability partner to lift us higher , to held us accountable and to guide us along our journey. But we should not go too extreme because « eagles usually don’t fly with pigeons ». Lets just get in our inner circle, people who are one or two steps ahead of us, and nothing more, otherwise we will be speaking completely different languages and we might be frustrated on the long run.

  • «I Don’t Think of Work As Work And Play As Play. It’s All Living» Richard Branson

This quote goes hand to hand with the philosophy behind Steve Jobs’ quote. In fact, one of the factors that make Richard Branson so successful is the excitement and the love he feels for any of the projects he is involved in. He loves what he does so much that he doesn’t dissociate work from play. They all the same for him. That is also the reason why Eric Thomas said that you have to find out what you love and then spend the rest of your natural life perfecting those skills.

  • «There Is Nothing More Amazing Than Moments When True Willpower Shines Through The Bullshit Of Fear, Scarcity, False Limitations, And Mental Noise» Owen Cook

I recently read the book, « The power of now » by Eckhart Tolle, and this quote reminds me of the philosophy around that book. It’s all about breaking free of our noisy mind and burden that our live situation brings to us every day such as fear, scarcity, false limitation, the past and the future. Eckhart said that the remedy of all this is to stay in the now, what he called the consciousness. So when we are fully in the current moment, and our thoughts are not wandering in the past, nor in the future, will power shines through.

  • «I’m Not Extraordinary, I’m Simply An Ordinary Woman Who Chooses Every Day To Make Extraordinary Decisions  » Lisa Nichols

What this quote says is that, whatever situation we have in our life today, it is the result of our daily decisions. So if we want our live to change, we have to change the decisions we make on a daily basis; if we want to live an amazing life, our daily decisions also have to match. Eric Thomas said « Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results ». So lets get real about what we really want, what legacy we want to leave and what impact we want to make on this earth and make decisions accordingly every single day. You can’t say you want to loose weight and eat potatoes chips all the time.

All these life principles are very simple but yet powerful. We all know them. But just knowing them is not enough. Where we struggle the most is in putting them into action. Till this day, I am still trying to incorporate these in my every day life.

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  1. Really got inspired after reading such quotes from such great minds.but wish I could the references if the quotes.may be the title of the author’s book…especially Ghandi

    1. Thank you Sandrine for taking the time to read this post and making this suggestion. I’ll get to this very soon 😉

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