The 3 Most Important Ingredients of a «Good Life»

We all want the « Good Life », whatever that means for us. We also know that life is hard and will knock us down if we let it. But most people are still to lazy to do what it takes to actually experience a life of success, happiness and fulfillment. In my journey on becoming a better version of myself, I come across a lot of great content around self-development and great achievers, from books and from online mentors. And with this article, and I want to share with you, my take on the three elements that are essential to experience and sustain a good life.

  • Health

To be able to give 120% of ourselves everyday we need our body and mind to be on our side. Our body is our temple, we spend all our lives in it, we should therefore take good care of it.  If we wish to have great accomplishments in our lives, we need to make sure we have the necessary « fuel in the tank » to support us during our journey.  That is where the power of physical exercise comes in. Good nutrition is also a great asset to have and to live by. We also need lots of momentum in order to make and sustain these practices. Meaning that we have to do this each and every that and make it a habit to exercise and eat health and revitalizing food.

As physical health is important, mental health is even more important. Everything that we do or make our body do, good or bad, first comes from the mind. And the results we get in our lives comes from the actions we take on a daily basis. Therefore, if we want to have great results in our lives, we need to work on our mind first. We need to be guardian of our mind to only allow constructive and positive ideas, that enable us to move toward the accomplishment of our goals. We have to overwhelm our mind with feelings of love, belief and certainty and believe that, it is possible to live the life of our dreams.  Napoleon Hill said: « Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve». So believe my friend, believe you achieve any level of success that you want.

Meditation and  creative visualization are two great tools to reprogram your mind, and focus on the positive perspective that actually makes your life go forward. For more readings on this topic read the book « Think and Grow Rich » by Napoleon Hill.

  • Relationships

Believe it or not, the number 1 regret people have on their death bed is not about the mistakes they made in their business, not about the money they could have made if they made the right move on an opportunity, it is always about the time they didn’t spent with their spouse, their kids, their friends and loved ones.

Even in our everyday life, the relationships and social connections we have with people are an essential part of a balanced life. In fact, the more face to face conversations we have with human beings, the more we feel alive. Human are social beings, we are not meant to be in solitude, that’s why the more we isolate ourselves, the more we feel depressed. In some asian countries, people are committing suicide everyday because of the solitude, the depression and the overwork they find theirselves in. Hence no matter how busy you can be, always find time for you and your loved ones, because your happiness depends on it.

A cup of coffee with a friend, a chat with a family member, a great conversation at the diner table, with your spouse and family, a social board game with your kids just before you put them to bed are some simple rituals that we all should incorporate in our daily lives. They enable us to satisfy some vital cravings that we all have: that is « To love and to be loved » Brandon Buchard.

  • Money and Financial Freedom

Last but not least, money and financial freedom are an important ingredient if one wish to experience true happiness in live. Studies show that, 99% of the problems of poor people are money related. In fact, this constant thinking and worrying about how to get the next meal, to pay the next rent, to get the next pay check is taking from life’s happiness. Wouldn’t it be great if all our finances are taken care of, that we have secured a nest egg so that we will never have to worry about money? This is what financial freedom is all about.

It is having multiple streams of passive income, that enable you to pay your living expenses, and at the same time enjoy the freedom to to what you love, with the people you love. There are a lot of resources on the internet covering financial freedom and passive income, but for the most part, this is achieved by being a business owner, or an investor.

As a business owner, we should set up our business in the way that it doesn’t require us to be there everyday. This can be done by setting a high threshold of what’s important pour our business, and then  delegating the less important tasks or even better outsourcing them to cheap labor. « The four hour work week » by Tim Ferris is a great how to guide for this.

As an investor, we can use the money we already have, from our business or from our job, to produce more cash-flow. Some of the most popular investment in the community are real estate, stocks and bonds, and investing in private companies. A good book to read in this category of doubling your money is « Money Master The Game » by Anthony Robbins.

Just like different muscle of the same body, these principles must be practiced simultaneously and continuously for one to really see good results and live what we call « The Good Life » and what Brendon Buchard call « The charged life »

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